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1099 & WVOE Only

Get full funding without being full time.

If you are self-employed or an independent contractor looking for access to quick funds without having to go through the lengthy loan approval process, our 1099 & WVOE Only loan may be your best option.
Loans up to $4 Million to 65% LTV Max
$3.5 Million 75% max with 12 months reserves
Purch-R/T up to 90% LTV on 1099
Purch-R/T up to 80% LTV on a WVOE
Cash out max 80% for both 1099 and WVOE
Secondary & Investment loans up to $3.5 Million on 1099 and $3 Million on WVOE
Secondary & Investment loans up to $3 Million
The 1099 & WVOE program are designed to provide borrowers a streamlined loan qualification method to obtain financing using just their 1099 with a 10% expense ratio or by using their WVOE in place of paystubs and W2's