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Political: Kennedy Family - Recordings (6 items)

We last updated our site on 26-Nov-2017. The next update is scheduled for 06-Jan-2018.

This Kennedy listing covers a broad area of memorabilia that is both directly, and indirectly, associated with the Kennedy family. It is broken into eight sections or listings. The material here represents at least a dozen different collections, hence you may find some duplication...and maybe not even at the same prices! We hope our offerings will have something of interest to everyone, whether an advanced collector or a beginning collector. You may find items ranging from $1 to over $1,000. Please look the listings over carefully. Although we have attempted to categorize the items under major headings, many items would fit into a different category, as well. You will find a number of autographed items in the listings. We have attempted to separate out the robot and staff signed autographs from the genuine signatures, particularly where Kennedy family members were involved. We have worked with autograph dealers, Kennedy staff members and used Charles Hamilton's references & other autograph catalogs to review the autographs of Kennedy family members listed here. Beyond this, we cannot guarantee any autograph listed; only that it "seems right." All of our items are fully returnable, if not satisfied, under the rules of Americana Resources, Inc.


John Kennedy/Kenndy Family: Sheet music. "In the Summer of His Years" w/large photo of JFK on cover. Written for a BBS Television tribute. Top left corner has been bent. Still very good. $8.00

John Kennedy/Kenndy Family: JFK VHS video cassette--Kennedy (orig. 4-1/2 hr. mini-series) 278 minutes, starring Martin Sheen, John Shea, E. G. Marshall, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Vincent Gardinia & Blair Brown. $5.00

Item KE0039Item KE0039
John Kennedy/Kenndy Family: Sheet music. "J.F.K. March" by Eugene Jelesnik, 1964. Rare. This is not a memorial piece but was created for Kennedy while he was President by Jelesnik, violinist and Conductor of the Salt Lake Philharmonic Orchestra. Jelesnik also had a television show, "Talent Showcase," which JFK appeared on while Senator. "When Kennedy walked toward me on stage," Jelesnik relates, "I saw that he had a very unique walk, like he was marching. I said to myself then that if he ever was elected President I would compose the J.F.K. March. Cover of the sheet music shows a large photo of the Tooele High School Band formed in the letters "JFK" on the football field at Romney Field, Salt Lake City as JFK arrived to speak in 1963. A Photo of JFK & Jelesnik appears on the back cover, along with a typed letter to Jelesnik from JFK expressing his pleasure with the music. $60.00

Item KE0032Item KE0032
John Kennedy/Kenndy Family: Record. 45RPM in paper jacket. "Carry On, My Brothers, Carry On," presented by the Community Mayors of New York & created by Harlem Community Mayor Larry Dismond. 1968. R/W/B flag on front side of jacket along with photos of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy and "a tribute-in-song to our fallen leaders." Photo of Dismond on reverse with words to the two songs recorded: Carry on, My Brothers, Carry On and The Canaan Land. Dismond states "In 1963 when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, I, like most Americans, was devastated. On November 24, 1964, I was elected Community Mayor of Harlem, NYC. In 1968 when Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King were also assassinated, the Community Mayors and I were visibly shaken, deeply moved and sorrowful. I decided to put our feelings into song: "Carry On, My Brothers, Carry On" and "The Canaan Land." I produced the 45 RPM record, designed a cover and sent them to Jacqueline Kennedy. She was so touched by them that she called me to thank me personally and told me that she would always keep these songs as a part of her most cherished possessions...when I produced this record in 1968, I only made 50 copies. The originals are very rare..." part of statement to Americana Resources by Rev. Dismond. $80.00

John Kennedy/Kenndy Family: A documentary record, 33-1/3 rpm. produced by 20th Century Fox Records in 1963. Titled "John F. Kennedy, The Presidential Years 1960-1963" it shows Chief Justice Warren swearing JFK in as President on the album cover. This recording covers some of the key events during his 1,000 days as president, 20th Century Fox having selected some of the key words utter by President Kennedy, and "humbly present them as a perpetual record of a great man." Not a common album. $6.00

John Kennedy/Kenndy Family: Record. United States Presidents' Series. Actual speeches of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Photos of both on front. Hear and re-live the historic moments of these classic speeches of two great American presidents. The complete inaugural address of John F. Kennedy, highlights from FDR's most memorable speeches from 1933 to 1945. Library in Sound Records, Miller International Co. $6.00

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Political: Kennedy Family - Postcards
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Political: Kennedy Family - Tokens, Medals, Coins

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