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Political: Kennedy Family - Family (32 items)

We last updated our site on 26-Nov-2017. The next update is scheduled for 06-Jan-2018.

This Kennedy listing covers a broad area of memorabilia that is both directly, and indirectly, associated with the Kennedy family. It is broken into eight sections or listings. The material here represents at least a dozen different collections, hence you may find some duplication...and maybe not even at the same prices! We hope our offerings will have something of interest to everyone, whether an advanced collector or a beginning collector. You may find items ranging from $1 to over $1,000. Please look the listings over carefully. Although we have attempted to categorize the items under major headings, many items would fit into a different category, as well. You will find a number of autographed items in the listings. We have attempted to separate out the robot and staff signed autographs from the genuine signatures, particularly where Kennedy family members were involved. We have worked with autograph dealers, Kennedy staff members and used Charles Hamilton's references & other autograph catalogs to review the autographs of Kennedy family members listed here. Beyond this, we cannot guarantee any autograph listed; only that it "seems right." All of our items are fully returnable, if not satisfied, under the rules of Americana Resources, Inc.


For your convenience, this catalog has the following subsections...


John F. Kennedy Family, General

Item KE0012Item KE0012
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Kennedy rayon scarf with large (20") full color head/shoulders picture of John Kennedy on white bkgd. R/W/B stars & stripes border. 32" square. 1965. Nice display item. $4.00

Item KE7017Item KE7017
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Nice copy of a line art sketch in pencil of the three Kennedy brothers in profile: John, Bobby and Ted w/flag bkgd. 11" x 8-1/2" ivory card stock limited edition (50 copies) each signed and numbered. $2.50

Item KE3410Item KE3410
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Full color "Kennedy" Coat of Arms on stiff card stock, 12-1/2" x 10" with Arms description: Sable three helmets in profile proper. Crest: An arm embowed vested azure holding a scimitar all proper. $6.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Set of 6 items relating to the infamous Sotheby's Auction of the estate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in April 1996: The richly illustrated catalog of auction items, delightfully described and shown in full color. Soft cover. This outstanding catalog is nearly 2" thick and can readily serve as both reference and conversation piece. Sotheby's Estate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis addendum, b&w illustrated, 28p. Sotheby's Estate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis complete listing of the estate property with abbreviated descriptions, 80p non-illustrated. Sotheby's April 1996 Preview, 100p w/full color illustrations including a great photo of Jackie on the cover. Sotheby's Sale and Exhibition Guide to the Estate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, 12p. A very smart looking blue & white-coated Sotheby's shopping bag w/rope handle. $75.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "John F. Kennedy From Childhood to Martyrdom." Collectors photo book produced by Tatler Pub. Co. 1963. 202 photos; some w/captions. $3.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Colored pic post card of JFK's Hyannis Port, Mass. summer home. $1.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "The President Nobody Knew," Collectors photo book, "the remember November issue." P.S.L. Publishing Corp. 52p of photos & captions. $3.50

Item KE3221Item KE3221
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Oil painting on canvas. John F. Kennedy (head & shoulders). Signed E. M. Williams 1978. 14" x 18" stretched on wooden frame. 1" tear in bkgd. upper right not really noticeable except from the back and could easily be repaired. $45.00

Item KE0175MItem KE0175M
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: (book) People of Destiny Series. John F. Kennedy. $2.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Copy of The Illustrated London News, July 1961 with full page pic of President Kennedy by Bachrach. "The Youthful Leader of the Western World: A Portrait Study of President John F. Kennedy." Mentions that he is the son of the U.S. Ambassador to London, educated at Harvard, etc. Autographed across front of the magazine (which is basically small advertisements) "John F. Kennedy" with typed note "signed whilst on visit to London" (JFK stopped through London in June 1961 on his return from the Vienna talks with Mr. Khrushchev; probably the July issue of this publication was out about that time.) $450.00

Item KE7018Item KE7018
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Nice head & shoulders line art image of John Kennedy originally done in pencil. Signed C. Westley. 11" x 8-1/2" On card or poster stock. Very frameable. $3.00

Item KE0175AItem KE0175A
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "John F. Kennedy in Washington. Exclusive, the facts you should know about America's 35th President" $3.00

Item KE7313Item KE7313
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Colored print of President Kennedy by Gross on stiff paper stock. 9" x 12" Attractive and very frameable. $4.00

Item KE5463Item KE5463
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: The Profiles in Courage Cameo Collection. Limited Edition Proofs. Issued on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of JFK's Pulitzer Prize winning book, "Profiles in Courage," in 1976 by Franklin Mint. Each of the personalities featured in the book, plus JFK, the author, are tastefully displayed on a rich dark green velvet in a lined walnut presentation case that fits into a handsome gold embossed slip case. Each of the nine 1-3/4" oval cameo portraits are shown in profile in solid sterling silver and weigh 500 grains each. The raised design of each cameo stands out in bold frosted relief against a brilliantly polished background. The walnut plaque measures 11-5/8" x 9-1/4" and is elegantly stunning with no further design beyond the nine cameos nor wordage on either the cameos or the plaque. It has a built in standard for sitting on a shelf or table top. A nice memento. We have never seen this item before. $195.00

Item KE7338Item KE7338
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: "Who's in charge here?" photo book w/humorous made up "bubble" messages. by Gerald Gardner. 1962. Kennedy years. $2.00

Item KE7371Item KE7371
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Journal Star Magazine, Nov 20, 1977. Full color pic of JFK on cover. Feature: "John F. Kennedy. Would the World be Different If Lee Harvey Oswald Had Missed?" by Jack Anderson. $3.50

Item KE0661BItem KE0661B
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: People Weekly. Feb 29, 1988. Kennedy Feature, "25 Years later, his mistress admits she was the link between JFK & THE MOB. $3.00

Item KE0661CItem KE0661C
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: LIFE special Commemorative Edition. A Life in Pictures. Remembering Jackie. $2.50

Item KE0661DItem KE0661D
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Ladies Home Journal Special. JACKIE. A Remembrance of a Great Lady. 1929-1994. More than 150 Memorable Photos. $3.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: LIFE. Aug 24, 1959. "Jackie Kennedy: A Front Runner's Appealing Wife. Photo of Jackie Kennedy on cover w/Jack Kennedy in background. $3.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Original pencil or charcoal caricature sketches (2) of John Kennedy signed Paul Baker from the mid 1970s. Approx. 8" x 10" head only. $3.00

Robert F. (Bobby) Kennedy Family, General

Item KE0025Item KE0025
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Great colored print of Robert Kennedy, formal pose with arms folded, on coated cardboard stock. 11" x 14" $3.50

Item KE3016Item KE3016
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Bobby Kennedy b&w pic. On stiff paper. 8-1/2" x 11" $2.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Congressional Record. Printed speech of Hon. Robert F. Kennedy of New York at Columbia Law School Forum Jan. 19, 1967. "Crime in the Cities: Improving the Administration of Criminal Justice." $2.50

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Printed Address by United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy at ceremonies of Conferment of Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law at Nihon University Auditorium, Tokyo, Feb 6, 1962. "Our Generation, Our World, Our Future." Besides the printed address there is also a photocopy of the address w/photos of Bobby & Ethel Kennedy, in Japanese (at least we think that's what it is). $5.00

Item KE3222Item KE3222
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Oil painting on canvas. Robert F. Kennedy (head & shoulders). Signed E. M. Williams 1979. 14" x 18" stretched on wooden frame. Good likeness. $45.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: Bobby Kennedy poster. B&W pic head & shoulders. This is one of the greatest "studies of conviction" in a photo. He has that determined look, tongue slightly out of his mouth, fist clenched just below his chin. A great pose. 36" x 23" unfolded, rolled. Some slight wear & a couple of black marks slightly behind his left ear but still in very good shape, particularly for an RFK exhibit given its size. $20.00

Item KE7388Item KE7388
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: SPECTATOR (London), Sept 9, 1966. Feature: "Robert Kennedy's Chances" by Murray Kempton. $3.00

Edward M. (Teddy) Kennedy Family, General

Item KE7382Item KE7382
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: MILLENNIUM Journal of International Studies, London School of Economics. Winter 1973-74. Lead article: "The State of Atlantic Security" by Edward M. Kennedy. Autographed & inscribed on back cover. $14.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: 4p printed campaign letter, 1979, from Senator Edward M. Kennedy supporting the campaign of Iowa Democratic Senator John Culver for re-election. $2.00

Joseph P. Kenndy Family, General

Item KE3047Item KE3047
John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: B&W glossy print, 8" x 10" Keystone press photo, London. A great photo of Joe Kennedy with Jack on one arm & Joe, Jr. on the other, all dressed in dapper suits. (picture reissued from stock photos on 11-23-63 w/caption "Joseph Kennedy, the United States Ambassador to Great Britain, with two of his sons, John, who was assassinated yesterday at Dallas, Texas and his elder brother, Joseph, who volunteered to fly a plane loaded with high explosives on a mission against Nazi V2's. The overloaded plane exploded before it reached it's target...Joe's body was never found." $10.00

John Kennedy/Kennedy Family: NEWS REVIEW, The First British News magazine. Oct. 6, 1938. FDR on cover. Page 7 article quotes U.S. Ambassador to Britain Joe Kennedy under the heading "What Roosevelt Knew" $4.00

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Political: Kennedy Family - China/Glassware
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