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Transportation: Maps & Travel, Worldwide

Transportation: Maps and Travel, Canada (21 items)

We last updated our site on 26-Nov-2017. The next update is scheduled for 06-Jan-2018.

A broad range of items relating to travel in the providences of Canada, including travel guides, maps and tour books, travel schedules, hotel information.


Item W3024Item W3024
Travel: Photo of ship, C.P.R. S.S. Princess Charlotte, name below pic, inside wooden frame to appear like lifesafer w/rope affixed. "Souvenir from Victoria, B.C." printed in gold on dark red frame. Some of the paint is peeling off frame, but still a very nice souvenir. Approx. 4" diameter. $35.00

Item W6187Item W6187
Travel: Group of 12 Canadian postcards, several hotels with old vehicles, circa early 1920s, some tourist areas. $15.00

Travel: Canada by Canadian Pacific full color booklet, early 1940s. $10.00

Item C9019Item C9019
Travel: "Quebec, La Doulce Province, All Year Round Vacation Land," 16p illus. book by Provincial Tourist Bureau. 1940s. (in English) $8.00

Travel: "La Province de Quebec Canada" 20p illus booklet, full color cover, in English. Produced by Quebec Tourist Bureau. Circa 1950. $7.00

Item C9582Item C9582
Travel: Canada Vacation Guide. Full color foldout by Canadian Government Travel Bureau. Circa 1940s. $5.00

Item C9583Item C9583
Travel: Porcupine, Ontario, Canada. 2 illus brochures on gold mining. Circa 1950. $4.00

Item C9584Item C9584
Travel: Quebec. Foldout road map 1950 by Quebec Tourism, English & French. $4.00

Item C9585Item C9585
Travel: New Brunswick, Canada. Foldout, full color brochure. Circa 1940. $4.00

Item C9586Item C9586
Travel: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 5-fold, illus brochure. Circa 1940s. $4.00

Item C9587Item C9587
Travel: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Foldout, illus. brochure promoting hiking and fishing. Circa 1930s. $5.50

Travel: "Quebec, The City of a thousand and one charms" 36p booklet. Great centerfold of the new Hotel Victoria w/old streetcars & early autos in the streets. $6.00

Travel: "Outdoors in Nova Scotia" 56p illus booklet. Circa 1970 $3.00

Travel: "Nova Scotia Handcrafts 1972" 48p booklet $3.50

Travel: "Nova Scotia Tourist Tip Guide" 8p illus, w/advertising $3.00

Travel: "Nova Scotia Tour Book" 132p illus. 1972 $4.50

Travel: "Come to Prince Edward Island Canada" full color 40p booklet. Circa 1970s $4.50

Travel: "Prince Edward Island Tourist Accommodations" 84p Circa 1970s $4.00

Travel: Small folder containing 20 Miniature Views of Quebec. B&W photos on cardstock 3-1/2" x 2-3/8". Circa 1920 or earlier. Cards in excellent condition but bottom of outside folder is missing. $15.00

Travel: Canadian Rockies, Banff and Lake Louise souvenir photo folder for mailing. Circa 1950. $5.00

Travel: Vancouver, Pacific Gateway of Canada, souvenir photo folder. Circa 1950. $4.00

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Transportation: Maps & Travel, Worldwide

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